We help our clients design consumer centric digital health products. Our unique design delivery framework delivers results in 10 - 12 weeks. We use the industry-proven methodologies, opportunities for growth, and Design Sprint for solving and testing product problems. We begin by understanding & discovering the challenges and defining the clear goals. The process can change based on the problem we are solving, but outcomes are still the same – expedited solution design, rapid prototyping and real-user testing.

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High level view

Product delivery process

We keep product performance and aesthetics in equilibrium. Optimize your digital health product, stay ahead of competition, and grow your brand

Phase 1
Key actions

Phase I

We start with an inmost understanding of the needs & the vision.

>> Workshop - Icebreaking, JTBD
>> We start projects with mapping high level goals
>> Product audit for existing products
>> Market research
>> Ecosystem mapping, business case & data analysis
​​>> Point of view
>> Aspirations and opportunities

Phase 2 PD page
Key actions

Phase II

>> User personas and archetypes
>> User insights
>> Project, product or service metrics
>> Product/service roadmap
>> Concept mapping
​​>> Point of view
>> Constraints and critical success factors

Phase 3 PD page
Key actions

Phase III

>> Define the prototype with a storyboards
>> Designing the best user journeys
>> User journey maps & personas
>> Mini sprints
>> Mock-ups
​​>> Low- fidelity wireframe

Phase 4 PD page
Key actions

Phase IV

>> High-fidelity wireframes of key user flows
>> High-fidelity wireframes of the product
>> Prototyping
>> Crash testing
>> UI mockups for multiple devices

Phase 5 PD
Key actions

Phase V

>> Performance analysis
>> Completion of all screens
>> Final UI of the product
>> UI Toolkit
>> Brand identity

6 image
Key actions


>> Front-end development
>> Back-end development
>> IOS/Android/Web platform development
>> Testing
>> Ready to launch product
>> Post launch analysis
>> New releases & continuous support

Note: Some projects may require more or less than 10 -12 weeks depending on the complexity of the product and the project scope.Time for development is excluded from 10 -12 weeks of design process.


Every project is unique & we believe in creating extraordinary impact through collaborative innovation. Some questions we are frequently asked:

We serve clients from a vast array of the healthcare ecosystem. We work with healthcare providers, public/private hospitals, pharmaceuticals, payers, medical devices, laboratories, diagnostics, pharma chains, public health services, digital agencies which need healthcare expertise etc.

Yes, we can engage in such projects, by doing a quick validation & audit of the features, before we move forward into the design and development process.

We engage by understanding your customer, context & business for the best sources of insights. This process will help us see the improvement opportunities by understanding the current needs. Based on that, you can prioritize the product enhancement features.

Sure, that works. We will comprehensively & continuously work along with your team to embed customer experiences into the product design for the best impact!

We have expertise in working with legacy tech platforms. In such scenarios, we start with a technical audit, ensuring we fully understand the technology you are currently using, so we can plan and design the innovations accordingly.

The time for development is excluded from the 10-12 weeks of design process. Based on our experience, typically a complete product design & development takes around 3-6 months, based on the complexities involved.

We are a Digital Health company.

Do you have a project in mind?

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