Conversational AI/ Chatbots

Engage with your customers more efficiently. Automate and facilitate dialogues through omni-channel interfaces. We assist you go beyond simple FAQs and create immersive experiences.


Faster response
  1. Personalized and accurate customer engagement
  2. Conversational engine model based on user behavior pattern
  3. Integrate with existing platforms to automate end to end patient journey
Use Cases

Patient engagement, sentiment analysis, book appointment, health queries & assistance, automated claims processing, order medicines online, post discharge assistance & other routine administrative tasks.

Medical inventory automation

Demand volatility in relation to demand forecasting is the challenge, data availability continues to increase, customer purchase patterns are becoming increasingly complex, and therefore harder to detect or predict.


Error reduction
  1. Manage Stock outs, Overstocks & obsolescence like a pro
  2. Deal with all the Forecasting, Planning, and Control Issues
    • Plan the stocking right
    • Automate the stocking and fulfillment processes
    • Leverage and react to incoming customer demands on time
Use Cases

Customer support, logistics integrations, AI-powered forecasting, text classification.

Medical insurance automation

Medical claims, in particular, are one of the largest causes of patient dissatisfaction with the healthcare system. Automate your processes to save time and money while modernizing your business operations.


Reduction in customer service cost
  1. Revitalize claims processing, policy management, regulatory compliance and more with tailored Intelligent Automation solutions
  2. Improve document processing throughput, reduce error rates, and unlock economies of scale
Use Cases

Claim processing, fraud detection, personalized policies, policy management, regulatory compliances, underwriting.

Medical marketing automation

Create tailored, personalized experiences across channels. Target the right population with the right message at the right time.


Increase in marketing ROI
  1. Personalize your campaigns at scale
  2. Audience segmentation and targeting
  3. Customer loyalty and retention programs
  4. Generate qualified leads faster
  5. Improved capability to measure every stage of the buying cycle
Use Cases

Behavioral Analytics, lead generation, nurturing, and scoring, marketing and content strategies, customer retention.

Human Resources automation

Harness the power of AI to automate everyday repetitive HR operations with accuracy & speed. Empower HR with AI & enhance your employee experience plus save your time and budget.


Decrease in repetitive tasks
  1. Automatically answer employee queries, send payslips, take employee feedback surveys, and perform many other HR processes without any human intervention with the help of AI
  2. Minimizes the amount of time HR professionals spend on routine administrative tasks
Use Cases

Automate employee query resolution, facilitate real-time employee ticketing, get intelligent employee engagement analytics.


Some questions we are frequently asked:

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the third party offering of artificial intelligence (AI) outsourcing. AI as a service allows companies to experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investment and with lower risk.

No, we are flexible on taking up other use cases too. We are always open to discussing interesting projects.

We can assist you in doing that. We’ll interview your leaders, key stakeholders, and users to help build a birds-eye view of your vision for AI application at each layer of your business. We’ll synthesize key findings and collaboratively create your future roadmap for AI and clear vision statements.

Each business has unique business goals that are directly proportional to the project complexities. The time to scope, plan and execute a project completely depends on the selected use cases. Only with a detailed understanding of the scope & vision, we can provide project timeline & the key deliverables.

Yes, we do sign the NDA before starting any project, and ensure to keep every information highly confidential.

We are a Digital Health company.

Do you have a project in mind?

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