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Our quick, intensive innovation strategy begins by bringing key stakeholders into the same room and getting input and approval from everyone at all steps of the process. Together, we look at how we can organize the innovation portfolio and look at the current initiatives and assess if that will get you where you want to go.

We work with our partners as extended team to define the problems that needs to be solved & figure out potential innovation opportunities

We discuss customer, context & business. By understanding patient needs, customer's priorities & drivers of business we can co-create for most impact!

To create/improve the innovative healthcare products, services & business models that create patient centricity/ generate new digital and operational revenue streams/establish unique brand identity

We will comprehensively & continuously work along with the client's care team to embed customer experience into product design & rapidly drive value through extraordinary customer experiences, powered by integrated technology, digital innovation, and design

We assist our client's with applying advanced available technologies in their existing operations to derive the best value

We deliver

Health systems are challenged to keep up with consumer demands & it's making providers rethink the care delivery model. Our team of experts will work with you to optimize clinical operations, improve access to care and deliver outcomes that matter most to the patients. Strong grip on operations will ensure that you're ready to deal with any potential or unforeseen hurdles.

Changing patient preferences and expectations are reshaping the healthcare demand. We collaborate to design intuitive consumer experiences

Our team of experts help healthcare organizations tackle their most critical business needs to achieve a flexible, efficient and profitable future

Designing a new patient journey or reiterating a new workflow? Our team can collaborate to reimagine healthcare journeys and develop rapid prototypes for testing your ideas.

We deliver

The pandemic acted to be the biggest catapult to change & team collaboration set off to be a huge asset for the healthcare industry. Globally healthcare teams needed to quickly identify what’s working or not working and how best to solve the biggest healthcare challenges. But change is not always so compulsive & could be tough at times. We support co-creation & team collaboration because the power of change always matters!

A powerful coalition with key stakeholders in the healthcare organization to drive the change forward

Next is creating the vision statement and strategic initiatives that will guide the coalition with accountability in decision-making and a commitment to change

Roll out the change, listen to feedback, and make the teams willing to participate in change. Stabilize both support and opposition & bring people together around the shared vision

Clear out the obstacles, execute on change and celebrate short-term wins for the sense of accomplishment & achieving the shared goal together

Make change part of the company's culture, nurturing new habits and learning & unlearning for the best business interest. Monitor efficacy and find new ways to improve constantly. We are by your side at every step of change management

We deliver

Our Interoperability consulting follows the below approach to reach our client's goals. After getting an understanding of the AS-IS scenario, the range of possible further steps is customized as per our client's requirements. We enable hospitals and health systems to access, interpret and exchange data from different applications

Our team of interoperability experts assess the current "AS-IS" workflow and IT system requirements

Our consultants with deep clinical workflow understanding will work with your team to ensure that all device integrations meet their specific needs

Implementation of industry-prevalent and cutting edge interoperability standards such as HL7 v2, DICOM, CCD, FHIR®, X12, NCPDP

Keep a check on whether the acquisition, aggregation and distribution of data is correct wrt the business needs

Providing continuous support to ensure that the overall implementation efforts succeed
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