We cannot envision a technology driven future of healthcare without prioritising the education and upskilling of the healthcare workforce in digital health & technology.

A collaborative mission led by Healthinnovation Toolbox & OAZIS Health, Rwanda, uniting forces to empower the remarkable healthcare workforce across Africa. Together, we aim to provide the transformative education and training necessary to equip healthcare professionals catalysing a wave of innovation & excellence.

Empowering 10,000 Healthcare leaders across Africa with the necessary knowledge and skills, to lay the foundation for a tech-laden future that revolutionizes healthcare delivery & close the massive digital health divide.

Educating the workforce fuels innovation, inspiring healthcare professionals to embrace technology and enhance patient care & treatment outcomes.

By promoting digital literacy and ethical awareness, we can ensure that technology is leveraged responsibly and in alignment with patient centric care.

We passionately dedicate this free to access transformative courses & study materials to the unsung heroes of healthcare in Africa, who tirelessly deliver quality care to their communities.

With an unwavering commitment, we pledge to empower the healthcare professionals at the last mile, equipping them with the knowledge of digital technologies to navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of healthcare, fostering a revolution that transcends boundaries because healthcare has none.

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