Kingshuk Chakraborty

Co-Founder, Director - Design and Strategy

Kingshuk is the driving force behind the company’s strategy and new product initiatives. His role in the company is multi-faceted, he nurtures high-level relationships with clients and partners, & identifies synergies and strategies for organic growth.

With nearly 15 years of experience in marketing strategy & new product development, he has led HIT through its transition from a consulting firm to a sturdy technology company. He loves working on consumer behavior, market research, branding challenges, digital strategy, new product development & digital products. He established the vision and strategy for sales and revenue growth and worked closely with the company’s most important ecosystem partners and key clients.

Industry Expertise
His career spans from working for digital to UX agencies, he has handled multiple clients from fortune 500 to garage Startups. He has spent the last 15 years of his career immersed in digital delivery, designing and executing digital transformation strategies, digital operating models, products, and solutions in companies of all types.

Some of his awesome clients from the past include Clemenger BBDO, The New York Times, McClatchy Interactive, National Australia Bank, Wipro, Volkswagen, Lava mobiles, and many more.

His work in healthcare focuses:
Keen on collaborating with companies/agencies as an expert to bridge the gap between digital and patient experience connecting all the communication touchpoints with technology initiatives coupled with meaningful brand experiences.

Application of Innovative and transformational approaches for the Future of Healthcare. Focus on solutions attributable to innovative/emerging trends in digital health (AI, Wearables, IoMT, self-monitoring, VR, predictive healthcare, Blockchain, AI chatbots).

Key Tasks in HIT:

In Healthinnovation Toolbox he is responsible for senior-level client interaction with a focus on high-priority accounts, creating organic growth strategies, leading new business pitches, client presentations, and strategic planning.

Leading a multidisciplinary team to deliver strategic, user-centric, and delightfully designed digital health experiences across platforms, he helps clients to simplify and transform their total brand experience across the entire customer journey.

Kingshuk’s mix of industry expertise with design and digital experience has enabled him to help healthcare clients across the globe develop and implement brand and marketing strategies, and product management, establish customer touch-points and create a blueprint for the digital roadmap.

More about him:
MBA, Marketing and IB, Alumni IIM-K. Alumni MICA (Advertising and Communication).

1.Loves to read about civilizations' culture vulture
2.Football fanatic and plays too 🙂
3.Loves cooking
4.Loves to bike
5.Sports Aficionado
Enjoys hiking

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